The climate club

An inclusive and ambitious high-level forum for industry decarbonisation.

Currently comprising 40 members and growing, the Climate Club will be a leading high-ambition intergovernmental forum for exchange on industry decarbonisation and will serve as an enabling framework for increased collective action across diverse geographies.

Who we are

An open, inclusive and ambitious high-level forum for cooperation on accelerating climate action and increasing ambition, particularly in the field of industry decarbonisation – with the aim of achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

Currently comprising 40 members and growing, the Climate Club was launched at COP28 as a leading high-ambition intergovernmental forum for exchange on accelerating climate action and industry decarbonisation. The objective of the Climate Club members is to support the effective implementation of the Paris Agreement and decisions thereunder.

Climate Club members will share their assessments and best practices on ambitious and transparent mitigation policies and work towards a common understanding of the effectiveness and economic impact of such policies. The Climate Club’s initial focus is on the emission-intensive sectors steel and cement with the aim to scale up lead markets and to make decarbonised industrial production the default business case. Recognising that countries have different starting points and strategies, the Climate Club will foster cooperation to improve the enabling environment for industrial decarbonisation in emerging and developing economies.

While focusing on exchange among governments, the Climate Club will engage relevant stakeholders and experts from academia, think tanks, civil society, and the private sector. It draws on their expertise, and elevates and complements the ongoing work of international organisations and initiatives that relates to its activities.

Terms of Reference

Official Climate Club ToR

The Terms of Reference, endorsed by the G7 Leaders in December 2022, constitute the starting point of all Climate Club activities, and outline its scope, nature, governance and objectives.

COP 28 Background Paper

Accelerating industrial decarbonisation

This paper, prepared by the Interim Secretariat of the Climate Club, outlines the challenges of industrial decarbonisation, the solutions that are needed and how the Climate Club will accelerate progress.


Outreach document

This two-page document provides an overview of the Climate Club’s purpose, areas of work and mode of operation, to be easily downloaded and shared.

Statement by the Climate Club

Mission of the Climate Club

This document outlines the mission of the Climate Club and its role as an open and inclusive high-ambition intergovernmental forum.

Climate Club Governance Arrangements

Core Document

This document outlines the governance arrangements of the Climate Club as adopted on October 13th, 2023.

Climate Club Work Programme 2024

Core Document

The 2024 Climate Club Work Programme outlines the activities and deliverables for the coming year.

Press release COP 28

Media document
Official joint press release on behalf of the Climate Club following its official launch at COP 28.

Areas of work

The Climate Club’s work is comprised of activities and deliverables that support its function as a high-ambition intergovernmental forum for strategic dialogue, cooperation and collective action.

Joint activities and workstreams are structured along three interlinked pillars that constitute the rallying points for its activities.

The Climate Club has launched its work on a Global Matchmaking Platform that aims to facilitate the alignment, coordination and matchmaking of existing international technical and financial assistance for emerging and developing economies in the area of industry decarbonisation. It will also support the engagement of private sector actors with the objective of mobilising their capital through raising awareness, improving capacity and knowledge, supporting peer learning, and the identification of gaps, needs and challenges for accessing finance for industry decarbonisation.

Advancing ambitious and transparent climate change mitigation policies

by working towards a common understanding of the effectiveness and economic impact of such policies, strengthening emissions measurement and reporting mechanisms, and engaging in dialogue on carbon leakage and other risks to mitigation efforts.

Transforming industries

to advance the enabling conditions for substantial industrial decarbonisation by discussing and aiming to align, as far as possible, methodologies, standards, sectoral strategies and expanding markets for green industrial products.

Boosting international climate cooperation and partnerships

to encourage and facilitate climate action and improve the enabling environment for industrial decarbonisation in developing and emerging economies to leap-frog into a climate-friendly industrial development.

Members of the Climate Club



Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of the Environment



Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action


Secretariat for Energy, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship


Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW)


Ministry of Climate Action and Energy


Ministry of Environment, Forcast and Climate Change


Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment


Ministry for Environment and Climate Change


Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism

Costa Rica

Ministry of Environment


Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Climate department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

European Union

Directorate-General for Climate Action;

Directorate-General Taxation and Customs Union


Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources


Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs


Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry for Trade, Industry and Energy; Ministry of Environment


Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development


Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation


Ministry of Finance


Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs; Ministry for Economy and Finance


Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment


Ministry for the Environment and Energy Security


Department of Environment, Climate and Communications



Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Ministry for the Environment


Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation & Moroccan Expatriates


Ministry of Economy and Climate


Ministry of Climate & Environment; Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Ministry of Production; Ministry of Energy and Mines; Ministry of Environment; Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Ministry of Climate and Environment


Ministry of Trade and Industry


Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge


Ministry of Climate and Enterprise



Federal Office for the Environment


Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment



Ministry of Industry and Technology;
Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change;
Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources;
Ministry of Trade


Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources

United Kingdom

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

United States

US State Department; US Department of Energy


Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining; Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Ministry of Climate Change

News & Events

Joint article

11 June 2024


Germany and Chile share the chairmanship of the Climate Club. This article, translated from German, is authored by President Boric and Federal Chancellor Scholz.

Best practices on financing instruments for industry decarbonisation

09 April 2024

Experts and participants met to discuss how existing economic, financial and de-risking instruments can help unlock private capital and promote industry decarbonisation​. Additionally, international finance institutions and organisations explained how they aim to promote industrial decarbonisaton through various instruments.

See the powerpoint slides here.

COP 28 Official Launch Event

01 December 2023, Dubai

The Climate Club was officially launched at COP 28 in Dubai at this event in the form of a roundtable discussion hosted by Co-Chairs Germany and Chile.

Members came together at leader level to present the Climate Club as a leading high-ambition intergovernmental forum for exchange on industry decarbonisation which serves as an enabling framework for increased cooperation and collective action across diverse geographies. 

COP 28 Side Event

05 December 2023, Dubai

Ministers from Climate Club members and key stakeholders met to discuss the importance of international cooperation for accelerating industry decarbonisation.

Members discussed the key objectives of the Climate Club, exchanged on the challenges and opportunities for industrialised, emerging and developing economies, and launched the Global Matchmaking Platform— a key deliverable of the Climate Club.

Climate Club Mapping financing and technical assistance for industry decarbonisation

24 June 2024

This workshop was mainly to discuss the draft results of the mapping report ‘Mapping of relevant work and initiatives covering financing and technical assistance programmes for industry decarbonisation.’ with the stakeholder community (IFIs, philanthropies, institutional investors) and to collect the feedback of Climate Club member governments.

Slot 1: 9:00 CEST

Slot 2: 15:00 CEST

Photo: Catharina Tews

Interim Secretariat

Members agreed to ask the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), in tandem with the International Energy Agency (IEA), to host an Interim Secretariat working together with other relevant organisations to ensure progress on working arrangements until further arrangements are decided. The Interim Secretariat will, among other tasks, liaise with relevant international organisations, fora and initiatives to ensure synergies and avoid duplication of efforts.

How to join

The Climate Club is inclusive in nature and open to climate-ambitious countries. By joining, members indicate their commitment to the following1 :

a) the full and effective implementation of the Paris Agreement and the decisions thereunder, accelerating their climate ambition and resolving to pursue efforts to limiting the temperature increase to 1.5°C;
b) accelerating the transition to net zero GHG-emissions by or around mid-century and reflecting this in Nationally Determined Contributions and Paris-aligned long-term transformation pathways;
c) accelerating their sectoral decarbonisation, particularly in the industry sector;
d) actively working together to advance the objectives of this Club and promoting them in other fora.

The process to join the Climate Club is unbureaucratic and simple, for more information please contact the Secretariat.

1 Para 22, Terms of Reference

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